Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Things Small Businesses Have To Be Aware Of

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has been proven to help small businesses in improving their online presence and in promoting brand awareness. It gives small businesses a chance to compete with larger websites and to gain a continuous flow of new leads. Here are some other things that small businesses need to understand about PPC advertising.

Ranking high in Google search results is never really easy and quick most especially for small scale businesses. It would take a considerable amount of time, effort, money and a certain level of expertise to attain the ranking that you desire. Optimizing your website for search engine and showing on the first page of the search results provide you the opportunity to be a thousand steps ahead of your competitors. But what if you can’t be found in the first 10 results? Does this mean a dead end on your part? Is there any chance for you to compete with larger, more popular, and more established websites? Fortunately, small and less popular websites now have the chance to be known and recognized in the online world. Thanks to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

What does PPC advertising mean?

PPC advertising, also known as paid search, PPC marketing, paid search marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM), is an internet marketing model where advertisers create advertising campaign through the pay per click advertising services offered by different online marketers and pay for every click their ads receive. PPC advertising is more like buying visits to the website or to a landing page instead of just organically earning those visits.

Where to find these PPC ads?

PPC ads are normally displayed within the search engine results, mostly on the top portion of the search engine results page, just above the number 1 result. They can also be seen on various websites and on different social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

How can Pay-Per-Click advertising help small businesses?

PPC advertising can help small websites like yours to compete with the larger players in the industry and improve brand recognition. It also gives small businesses a constant flow of new leads and a consistent web presence which can help increase website traffic.

How will PPC advertising work?

How your PPC advertising effort will work greatly depend on the strategies you will use. But before you can create an effective strategy, you would need to determine first some important aspects like your budget, objectives, the number of advertisements that you will run, what keywords you will target, and what platforms you will use. It is important that you decide whether you will run your advertisements on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, on search engine platforms like Google AdWords, Yahoo Stream Ads, Yelp Ads, and Bing Ads.

What Game Of Thrones Can Teach Us About Internet Advertising Agencies

Whether you’re a fan of the show or perhaps have never watched an episode, just about everyone on the planet (or so it seems) is familiar with the television show, Game of Thrones (GoT). It’s influence on mainstream media is such that just about everything has had its own GoT twist, and in that same vein, even internet advertising agencies are also within the grasp of influence of this show.

It’s perhaps better said that internet ad agencies are, in some ways, quite similar to the happenings on GoT, and given the serious nature of the show’s material, one might start to wonder how exactly advertising on the internet could be so cutthroat. The truth is that online ad work is a pretty brutal world.

Before getting too caught up in dragons & the colors of weddings, it’s best to approach this topic by way of exploring common themes found in GoT that relate fairly well to the world of internet advertising. For starters, perhaps the most important theme in both realms is power. Everyone wants to ascend to the top, and the means by which that will happen are fairly unscrupulous at times. That may be a bit harsh in terms of the advertising world, but there is truth to the idea that the internet ad agency world is becoming congested, leading to more competition between agencies. Clients are highly touted prizes in the advertising landscape, and with the right relationship being forged, an ad agency can see its level of influence over internet advertising spread.

It’s important to look at the notion of justice & its underlying partner, cunning. GoT takes the idea of justice & turns it on its ear because in most cases, those that are good & just are quickly decimated. The bad guy tends to be the victor, and this is through his or her use of cunning. In terms of advertising, justice as a concept can best be looked at in terms of parity among agencies in securing new clients. Cunning is the manner in which agencies now have to maintain a much more narrow focus on specializing in certain areas of the online advertising game. Moreover, cunning is also understanding that getting the right people in your agency will increase your chances of success because you’ve sought out the best.

Finally, internet advertising agencies are fully immersed in the GoT themes of maturation and hard truths. As ad agencies weigh their success against less than positive results, they get better at knowing what works & what doesn’t. They also realize that not only are antiquated strategies in need of updates, but general adaptation to a new, tech-savvy world is vital for survival. Standing still, being lazy, or resting on one’s laurels will do no one any good, and in the end, ad agencies are also in danger of fading away.

Internet advertising agencies, it seems, are involved in a rather high-stakes game of success or failure. Much like Game of Thrones fans, online ad agencies are left wondering what will come next, but in such a tough business landscape, they don’t have the luxury of waiting for the next season.

What Does Satellite Radio Advertising Cost?

Space… The final frontier…

It is also a land loaded with floating metal objects that rotate the planet and beam signals back to our gadgets. One of these floating metal objects is a satellite designed to push radio programming to our receivers. In the United States the only brand on the market is Sirius XM satellite radio.

Satellite radio is filled with hundreds of stations with programming that varies from hit to obscure music; talk programming from conservative views to home design tips to Howard Stern. Essentially it is a medium that offers something for everyone. This is one of the reasons it is becoming a very popular option for satellite radio advertising.

A common misconception about the medium is that it is “commercial free”. While the music stations do remain free of any satellite radio advertising, the talk stations do not. They have several commercial breaks per hour just as any talk show on AM or FM radio would. The shows that offer advertising options are quite diverse and offer advertisers a way to micro-target an audience with a specific interest.

What does satellite radio advertising cost? The answer to that question will vary depending on the station you want to advertise on. Some of the more nich’ formats with a lower audience can fall as low as fifty dollars per commercial, while the top stations such as Howard Stern may cost hundreds of dollars per airing because the reach of a station like this is much greater.

Satellite radio offers smaller and medium-sized companies that do not have a large budget the opportunity to reach a national audience.

This is something new, because the price point to reach a national audience on national TV or a syndicated radio show can be far to cost prohibitive for most small and medium sized businesses. With a starting budget of around 5k, almost any business can have their message broadcast to the nation through satellite radio advertising. The message can also be targeted to a very specific group of people based on the programming that the radio commercial airs on. Programming targets range from pet lovers to cigar enthusiasts to new moms and everything in between.

What was once the work of science fiction, is now a medium that puts another tool in the arsenal of small business when they want to get an effective message out to the masses on a restricted budget.